• Get out of debt fast, debt elimination, debt consolidation


    The system has failed us. It's time to take back control.

  • Time to SLAY the Demons of Debt!

  • IF there REALLY was a way to

    ELIMINATE ALL your debts,

    EVEN A MORTGAGE in as little as 5 - 7 years,

    would you want to learn more?

    Hint: This is where most people think it's "too good to be true"

    Debt Free, Credit Score, Debt Consolidation

    What this method IS:

    • A financial program PROVEN to quickly eliminate debt
    • A program PROVEN to work with or without good credit AND improves your credit in the process!
    • A program designed to work with your current income, budget and lifestyle
    • A system PROVEN to help consumers build wealth
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    What this method IS NOT:

    • This is NOT a Bi-weekly Payment Program
    • This is NOT a mortgage refinance or loan modification
    • This is NOT an increase to your minimum monthly payments
    • This is NOT a debt consolidation loan
    • This does NOT require a second job
    • This does NOT require a HELOC (it is optional)

    Meet the Debt-Slayer

    Pamela is a former Florida Realtor and Loan Originator. She used to think her "super powers" were helping people find their dream home and getting them approved for their mortgages. Yet as the economy changed, she saw how the many dreams of homeownership had turned into financial nightmares! Now her mission is to help people get out of debt as FAST as possible and dramatically improve their lives!

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  • There IS a BETTER WAY!

    Pamela discovered a program that has been around since 2005 specifically helping people ELIMINATE their debts! Since then, just under $2.5 BILLION in debt has been eliminated!


    The DEBT SLAYER and this program are CHANGING LIVES!


    Are YOU ready to discover your Debt Free Date?

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  • Get out of debt fast, debt elimination, debt consolidation

    Realtor Testimonial

    From 11 years left on a mortgage to PAID IN FULL in 2.6 years! Saved $18K in interest!


    Now sharing the program with ALL her real estate clients!

    Get out of debt fast, debt elimination, debt consolidation

    Single Mom Success!

    From 10 years of debt to debt FREEDOM in only 2 years!

    Get out of debt fast, debt elimination, debt consolidation


    Eliminated 23 YEARS of debt and

    SAVED $110,000 in Interest Payments!


    From DEBT to WEALTH!

    debt elimination, debt consolidation, debt forgiveness

    Eliminate Debt Fast!

    Simplify your finances and achieve your

    financial goals!

  • Get out of debt fast, debt elimination, debt consolidation

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